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Noxxes has world class expertise in vehicle system integration. Simply connect your device to the OEM screen through Noxxes's SMART video interface, and enjoy the capabilities

About us

Noxxes Automotive is a Amsterdam based company that designs, manufactures, and distributes several types of devices created to expand the electronics capabilities of vehicles. The major device of our product line is an interface that expands video input options to your vehicle’s OEM screens. 



Noxxes's SMART video interfaces enable your navigation screens to display a video signal from several types of video sources. Depending on type of the interface  SMART video interfaces can convert a signal from DVD players, cameras, iPads/iPhones/iPods

Installation Gallery

Installation of all our Noxxes products is generally kept simple, however, we always recommend using the help of a professional installer to perform the installation of Network products in order to ensure proper operation of a particular product. 

New Products



Video interface for Porsche PCM 3.1 with FPG, PDC


Retrofit monitor for Mercedes-Benz(NTG5)


OEM style touch replacement monitor for A, B, CLA, GLA, G Class 2015 model. It support NTG 5


Android box


Android box for universial type 


Installation Gallery

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